AIS Computers, Inc.

Computer Consulting and Repair

Services Offered

Whether you're looking to repair a screen or build a business's computer infrastructure from the ground up, AIS Computers, Inc. is here to help with all of your electronic needs.

A laptop being worked on overlayed listing types of hardware repairs offered

At AIS Computers, Inc. we perform advanced diagnostics on your computer to help pinpoint the problem and minimize the repair time on everything from loose DC jacks to broken LCD screens. Our technicians have repaired thousands of computers for individuals and businesses. Most repairs are able to be completed in 24 to 48 hours.

A matrix-esque photo of a computer virus listing virus removal options

Our spyware/virus removal package is total security for your computer or network. We use a multipoint approach to remove the existing infection and secure your computer from future infections.

A compliation of hard drives representing data recovery, backup, transfer

AIS Computers, Inc. offers both onsite removable data storage and cloud backup solutions. Whatever backup needs you might have, we've got your data covered. We will take the time to formulate a cost-effective and secure plan for your valuable data. In addition, we offer services for data recovery and transfer.

An open laptop with glowing keyboard listing business support options and managed services

Whether you have a new business you're looking to set up or are interested in upgrading the infrastructure you already have, AIS Computers, Inc. can provide you with an outside opinion to keep your business running smoothly. To learn more, please see the Managed Services page.

Website coding listing other computer related services offered

In addition to the services already mentioned, AIS Computers, Inc. offers support for your other electronic needs - everything from printer installation to home and office setup to cell phone repair to web design and hosting. 

A screenshot of a 3D print design  to say that we support anything and everything you could think of

Whatever you can think up, we will work to make it happen. Recent projects have included setting up digital picture frames to meet specific needs, photographing and editing photos of decorative Christmas lights, and designing a 3D printed part for a dentist's office machine.


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